Types of Buses in Cambodia

Express Buses

Express buses are the most common buses found in Cambodia. They will generally have 45-55 seats in rows of four, with two on each side of the isle. The seats can often be a little worn out but will recline partially and be comfortable enough for any day trip in Cambodia. Taller passengers should be warned that the legroom can be a little cramped on many of the older buses. You can usually bring as much luggage with you as you would when flying and larger pieces can be stored below the bus.

Local Cambodians frequently travel on Express buses, especially during holiday and festival periods so they can sell out a few days prior to departure at these times. All Express buses should come with A/C (which may be far too strong) and make rest stops every few hours at prearranged. The food at these rest stops often leaves much to be desired but there will be plenty of prepackaged snacks and drinks to keep you going.


Traveling in Cambodia by Van is often faster than by larger buses but what you make up for in time you lose in comfort. Vans likely either seat 12 or 15 passengers and it is very rare for one not to be full once you depart. Luggage space is limited and probable that at least one piece whatever you are bringing along will end up on your lap or at your feet.

The drivers on all buses, but especially vans may have a style of driving that would be by the standards of your home country, seem to be best described as ‘crazy’, ‘insane’ or ‘suicidal’. But rest assured that they are none of the above and they are behaving quite normally for this part of the world.

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