How to book tickets using 12Go?

On top of the website, enter your origin and destination. Start typing the name of the places and select the right one from the list. Then pick a travel date, return date (or choose One way) and the number of passengers in your group. Now you click on the green button 'Find Tickets'. Important: always click on 'Find tickets' after you have changed the date/departure/destination.

The next page will contain all the available trips sorted by departure time, departure point and means of transport.

  1. The list of operators available.
  2. The trip schedule. Please remember that the schedules are for reference and Asian operators can often depart earlier or be late.
  3. Departure and arrival stations. Click on the station name to see it on the map.
  4. Customer ratings for the trips. Click on them and read them to make an informed decision.
  5. The class of transport.
  6. The ticket price. If the child tickets are available, we will show the child price too.
  7. Additional information about the trip. We recommend reading through it to make an informed decision. Often this section replies to common questions you might have about a certain trip.
  8. Additional tags for the trip. Here you can see whether the trip is refundable and whether it is confirmed instantly

Pick the trip that fits you most and click 'Buy ticket'.

After a short moment, a window opens where you can select if you want to book another trip or if you want to check out.

If you want to pick a seat – some operators support this function. It is free of charge. If you don't pick a seat our system will automatically select the best available seat for you.
Enter correct contact details so we can reach you. Please do not forget your country code and make sure you use the right telephone number - we may send an SMS reminder to you in case there is an emergency. We will not send any advertising or contact you if it is not important and related to your travel.

Then you have to enter the names of the passengers. If you travel by train or aircraft, it is necessary that you also enter your passport number and gender. If you enter the wrong sex you can expect to be refused to board the train. State Railways of Thailand is very strict with this and they do have a few rail cars for ladies only. Also in a VIP compartment, they would not allow a man to join the compartment with a woman if they did not book it together. If you entered the wrong gender contact us before you book.

To make your life easier for train travel in case the trip you selected is already fully booked, you can let us now know which alternatives are acceptable for you. The better option you select here the easier and quicker the process becomes to get your tickets.

Then you have to select the pickup point for your train tickets. If you are in Bangkok any time before your trip or if you depart from Bangkok, please select our offices in the DOB building as pick up point. If you wish to depart from other stations you can select the option of picking your boarding passes at the parcel room inside these stations. It is an easy and convenient way, but can't be done if your trip is within a short period of time. The shipping option needs to be booked some days in advance, so we can be sure you will receive the shipment on time. Please note that after you have picked up the tickets or we handed them over to the shipping company we can not refund or change them anymore. Once they are in your hands it is your own responsibility to contact railways and deal with them directly.

Then you can decide if you want ease of mind and get an insurance for your journey. There are different options available.

Now you have to agree on the Terms & Conditions, confirm that you agree to the cancellation policy and that you have chosen the correct departure day and time. Please double check this again! By clicking the box you legally agree to the policies.

If you expect that you need special attention from our support team, please click the 'First-Class Support' box. It will help you to solve problems quicker if they occur.
If you are not 100% sure that you will really travel on the day you selected, you can choose the 'Flexible Date' option. We will change your ticket without any questions asked or additional costs, but it depends on availability. If you need a last minute change and the new train or ferry is already fully booked, we can not help.

The final step is the payment. Choose credit card or PayPal as a payment gateway. Enter your credit card details and push pay. The pay button shows you the fee from the payment gateway. This fee comes from the banks, it is not for 12Go. Please note that you might need the Verified by Visa transaction code for credit card payments. This might not work if you travel abroad and your phone can not connect.

After successful payment, you will immediately receive an email from us. If you do not see it, please check your spam folder. If you really really did not get anything from us, then probably something went wrong with the booking and you have to start over. Don't worry, our system does not allow double booking within 30 minutes of the same person on the same trip.


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