I did not get my ticket

The tickets are sent to your email address when they are confirmed by the operator. In some cases, it happens instantly. In others, it takes time. If the confirmation is not instant, some operators may confirm bookings only several days in advance, so if you booked months in advance confirmation may come later on.

If you do not get any confirmation email after completing your booking, please do the following:

  • Check that your route has a badge that reads "Instant". If it does not, the confirmation will be made later;
  • Check your spam folder;
  • Check if you have received the payment confirmation to your email. If you have not, it is possible that the booking was not made at all;
  • Check if you have provided the correct email address.

Sending out the tickets is an automated process. If you think you might have made a mistake in your email address, please let us know by opening a support case.

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I don't have a booking number. I have not purchased a ticket yet.