Can you send the tickets to me by post?

We offer international shipping with DHL as registered mail. This service costs extra money (depending on the destination) and the tickets will reach you within a few days. If you pick this option please keep in mind that as soon as we enter the tracking number (and send it to you, so you can monitor the shipment) and the tickets are on the way, no more refunds or changes are possible.

We do not offer to ship for trains departing from Hua Lamphong station. Our counters are so close to the station that it does not make sense to waste money on shipping and take the risk of tickets to get lost.

We have also stopped the shipping service to hotels on the islands. While the post works very well in the rest of the country, shipments to the islands in the south seem to be cursed and often disappear into thin air or arrive too late. If you plan to depart from a train station other than Hua Lamphong or Chiang Mai we also can send the tickets to the parcel office (cargo department) of your departure train station. This is a cheap and efficient way for you to get your tickets before departure, but please make sure that you will get to the train station before the office closes. Some parcel offices are not open 24/7. Some, like the Don Mueang one close before most of the flights arrive.

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I don't have a booking number. I have not purchased a ticket yet.