Is there a restaurant / snack bar in the train?

The popular trains usually have a restaurant wagon. If you are going on the following trains you most likely will have a restaurant: 9, 10, 13, 14 (Chiang Mai), 35, 36 (Hat Yai), 25, 26 (Nong Khai), 84 and 85 (Suratthani). If you are booked in a VIP cabin the staff on some trains will try everything to prevent you from going to the restaurant. If you want to enjoy it, just go. You are allowed to, you are not a prisoner. Beverages are not free on trains. If you order or take something you have to pay for it, often even if the staff tells you that it's free. If you are on a special diet or on a small budget you can also bring your own food and drinks with you. State Railways of Thailand does not want to see alcoholic beverages onboard. Please remember that nothing you get on the train will be free of charge. We heard that some train crews come along with orange juice at the beginning of the ride and some people thought this is complimentary. It was not!

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