I am traveling with children – how can I book train tickets for them?

Infants below 3 years travel free of charge but have to share a seat with an adult. Children below the age of 12 years with a height of not more than 150 cm are entitled to a reduced fare (around 10%), but also need to have a ticket. You can book a normal adult ticket and we will refund the difference in cash when you pick them up, but you have to inform us in advance, so our employees are aware that they need to buy a child ticket. Children are only allowed in lower berths for safety reasons.
Please note that Myanmar has different rules for traveling in trains with children:
Children up to 3 years old can travel free of charge if they can share a seat with an adult. However, you will need to pay an adult fare to get a seat for children older than 3 years.

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I don't have a booking number. I have not purchased a ticket yet.