Do I have to pay for the shuttle from the train / bus station to the pier?

Pay attention to what type of tickets you have: combo or joint. Combo tickets (1 ticket for multiple transportations) usually include all the transfers. Joint tickets (joint tickets suggested by the system) do not include a transfer and will notify you about how long is the transfer between stations.

If you book bus/ferry combo tickets with one operator all costs are covered.
If you book train/ferry combos the transfer to the pier is included.
If you book minivan/ferry combos watch out for the station on the map. If it is on the island the ferry is included. Contact us via support if the driver tried to charge you for the ferry.
If you book train and ferry separately please make sure that you select the train station as a starting point for the ferry ticket.
In Suratthani, you can choose from different operators. Please make sure you do not mix up airport, town and railway station. They all might be shown in your search results.
If you travel via Ranong you need to show your ferry ticket at the bus station. You may or may not have to pay for a shuttle to the pier. It depends on your arrival time and the operator. In general, the shuttle service is included in the ticket price, but we experienced sometimes passengers have to pay extra for no reason.

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