Is it possible to deliver our Exchange Order paper to the hotel in Japan or Worldwide Shipping?

Worldwide Shipping delivery fee is 2200 JPY (Take time about 7 days or less)
Shipping in Japan by EMS only on Honshu Island, Japan’s main island and home to most of the country’s major cities. (Take time at least 3 days)

Please provide the following information for each participant:

  • Full name in the exact order that it appears on the passport (e.g., Doe, John William)
  • Gender
  • Delivery address (if you want delivery in Japan, provide hotel name/check-in date/reservation name)*
  • Contact name and phone number at your delivery address
  • Date you will depart your home country
  • Date you intend to exchange your voucher for the JR Pass
    Please note: Delivery in Japan is only to hotels with a concierge service. Otherwise, select Worldwide Shipping or Office Pickup
    If you do not provide all required information during checkout, delivery may be delayed.

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