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Here is what your fees are used for:
1) Manual operations. 28% of bookings in are handled manually. This means that someone from our team goes and physically buys the tickets for you, or contacts the operator directly and makes sure you are able to travel. Boarding passes are stored and kept on hand for the moment you decide to come and pick them up;
2) Connecting more destinations. In the past two years, we grew from only two countries to an international travel hub, allowing passengers to travel in Europe, India, Japan, China, South-East Asia and we continue growing;
3) Improving the customer experience. We constantly improve our website and do a lot of work 'under the hood' to make sure you get the best deals by using the convenience our website provides. There are no shady price switching schemes. We only work on increasing speed and making sure you get the best service;
4) A total team of over 120 employees is working hard every day of the year to make your holiday trip happen.

Here is what we don't do:
1) Aggressive marketing;
2) Price tampering;
3) Hiring 100 designers to make sure you press that Buy button for a trip you do not need.

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